Friday, April 13, 2007

How to Accellerate your Google Adword campaigns to get clicks for nickles and dimes

If you're wrestling in a brutally competitive niche, if you're doing Google Adsense, traffic brokering or any kind of affiliate marketing, the secret to unveil in order to succeed is finding your keywords for your Adword campaigns in an intelligent way that others don't know how to, so you can find opportunities where others never look. If this is what you do, AdWord Accelerator is an outstanding tool, a true star that sparkles brighter than the others. There is only one tool that really can dig up variations of the keywords your competitors are using, but with one difference: You are paying just a fraction for your visitors clicks than what your competitors are paying.

Adwords Accelerator has a keyword refinement thechology which allows you to find subtle phrase variations for your niche that makes you 30%, 50%, 70% cuts in click prices. Instead of giving you screen captures of this software I'm using actively myself, you should go to the AdWord Accelerator website and watch the video there.

AA is extremely easy to understand and has a very comfortable learning curve and even allows you to spy on your competitor's ads which have a good Click Through Ratio.

If you want to break into a highly competive niche or market, and you don't have the marketing budget your competitors are operating, AA is absolutely superior and second to none.

(Note: AdWord Accelerator is a private membership service which has limited membership and may or may not be currently unavailable. But if you can get inside, all is good.)

I'm Rune Simonsen, your Online Business Scout, looking for highly profitable businesses you can make some serious income from, and tools you would wonder how you have survived without after having tried them.

To your success.

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